Q & A

What happens to all of the old roofing material?

All of the old roofing material that we take off your roof ends up at an asphalt recycling facility. The old shingles are ground up and used as filler material for new asphalt roadways.


How many days will my roof job take?

We like to schedule all of our jobs to be completed within a 1 to 3 day process depending on the size and pitch of your house roof.


How do you handle the wood replacement?

When we come out to give an estimate, if possible, we like to walk the roof or look in the attic to get an idea for how the wood roof deck looks and feels. In the proposal, we will have a price per sheet of plywood and a price per wood planking depending on how your roof deck was constructed.


What about the weather?

We will always check the weather before we start the job and throughout the day. With technology today, it is easy to look at radar and get quick weather updates during the course of the job. In any case, we are always ready with the right plan and tools to protect the roof.


What about clean up?

Clean up is a big part of our job. We take a lot of time to set up tarps and plywood that will protect your bushes and plants which help us clean up faster and better.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 25 January 2011 22:02)